Expressive Contemporary Oil Painting

A selection of recent work in oils by Silvi Schaumloeffel. All work for sale  ranging between £185 - £395 unframed.

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Diploma Show, January 2017 - Woods

Incorporating experiences from my time as a child, loving cartoons, living and working as an adult in urban environments, experiencing Asian culture and tattooing lead to integrating urban street style, Disney and calligraphy to my beloved paintings about the woods of my childhood.

The end results are expressive contemporary oil paintings, incorporating lettering, cartoons, tree markings and colour (lots of it), true to myself.


Paintings – Studies after the Masters

These are some of Silvi's traditional and contemporary studies after the old Masters. She continuously refers back to the techniques and evolvements of the old and contemporary masters for her own work. As such they build the foundation for her teaching the craft of oil painting:

Turner, Monet, Eardley, Seago, Sickert, Aivasovsky, Grimshaw, Klimt, Pissarro, Degas, Cuming, Doig, Anderson, Sapiro…


Working in the Cotswolds

Silvi is a local artist, living and working in the Cotswolds. Throughout the year she is part of many local initiatives surrounding the arts and always looking for further opportunities to work with other artists, sharing her love for oil painting.